March 17, 2015

Crazy for Cadbury

So...Easter candy is my favorite, only after Christmas candy. Those crunchy Cadbury eggs, the creme eggs, the caramel eggs, the marshmallow eggs, the robin's eggs (aka Whoppers), the Twix eggs. *moment of silence for the crunchy Cadburys and the Twix eggs* 

Obviously I had to incorporate some of these delicious, limited-time candies into some kind of baked good. After much deliberation (and I mean much) I decided on these Cadbury egg blondies, and oh my goodness am I excited to make them on Thursday.


How yummy do these look?! Also would love to try these creme egg brownie bites (with homemade brownie batter, not boxed, of course), but we shall see. 

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