August 31, 2014


So, college…the following list isn't really tips, isn't expectations, isn't facts- it's merely a list of sorts. Everything and anything: things I've done, things I'm excited about, general feelings. So here goes. 

1) Dorm living is not the best living.

I do acknowledge that, as far as dormitory rooms go, mine is on the larger side. I'm also lucky enough to only have to share a bathroom with three other girls, and the trek down the hall with a shower caddy and bathrobe is nonexistent (praise the Lord). Still, there is something I just do not like about communal living. The long lines at the elevator, doing laundry 23 floors down, loud people in hallways, not having my own space to decorate and keep private….I think I see an apartment in my future. 

2) Dining hall food is not the worst food.

I have had dining hall food one other time in my life, and it was pretty awful. But honestly, during the actual school year, you can find some decent, or even, dare I say it, good, eats on campus. I have several options within walking distance of my dorm, some buffet-style and others a one-plate-per-person deal. Each place has quite a selection of food items (and a to-go option!), so usually you can find something to satisfy your cravings (though tonight I may have walked in and out of the dining hall two blocks over after finding nothing appetizing #sorrynotsorry). We also have a few other options where we can use campus dollars or meal exchange, like Chick-fil-A #bless and Starbucks. 

3) Textbooks

Ughhh….Anyone who tells you buying textbooks is a major pain is right. I didn't think the purchasing process would be quite as bad as everyone was making it out to be, but it was definitely not fun. I naively assumed it would be easiest to just buy used books through Amazon. Turns out the shipping/tax total alone on Amazon was nearly the amount it would cost to buy the books used from my campus bookstore. That being said, I still had to order one text through Amazon, rent another through a specialized online retailer, and rent two more from the bookstore. Comparison and opportunity cost are key here.

4) Routine

This whole week has been comprised of mandatory orientation activities and free time. So. Much. Free. Time. Tomorrow is the last day before classes start, and I am so thankful. I don't know how I would have spent another day without a schedule. I'm sure once homework and assignments kick in, I will wish I had more free time, but for now, all I want is something to occupy my time with. I'm pretty excited about two of my four classes, and hopefully I will get to meet some new friends through class.

5) College really does open doors.

Going to school in one of the largest cities in the world, I am confident in all of the opportunities that I have. Perhaps the most exciting opportunity to date (I mean, I haven't even started class yet!) is the prospect of meeting one of my favorite musicians. I fully intend on writing for my school's newspaper (first pitch meeting tomorrow!), and there is a possibility that I can score a press pass to interview someone whom I admire and appreciate as both an artist and a person. I am ridiculously excited over the prospect of something I'm not even sure is happening yet!

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