July 19, 2014


It must be a combination of spending way too much time on Pinterest and having dorm room decorating fever that I have been going crazy for creative projects and DIY crafts. About a month ago I found myself at a craft store near my house (where everything is always 40% off! #cantbebeat) intending to purchase wooden letters that I could decorate to put in my dorm. I ended up leaving, indeed, with a white letter "A" and two bags of blue, green, and earth-toned buttons. Some glue, some glitter, and a bow later, I'm really happy with how it turned out!

I'm going to design my middle initial the same way as my first and do something a little different with my last initial, the center of this makeshift monogram project once finished, because I want it to stand out. I was thinking about covering it entirely in silver glitter or hot-gluing some fake flowers or sea glass. 

What inspired me to write this post was my visit to two craft stores today- I am in the midst of a project right now. When I saw the idea to paint a canvas and glue on a cut-out of your home state, I knew I had to give it a try. The second coat of blue/turquoise acrylic paint that I picked out is drying as I type this, and my Florida cut-out, snipped from a square of gold glitter paper, is ready to be glued once the canvas dries. The cutest part? You put a little heart (I think I am actually going to use a button as I have quite a few left from my pending letter project) on your state for your hometown. Kind of like this adorable Baublebar necklace that I love.

I also really want to try a mason jar project. I almost bought one today actually, but I decided to wait until I finish what I have already started before I try and make any candle holders or pencil cups.

(Chalkboard paint is also super cool….)

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